G.I. Table

Glycaemic Index Values of Some Canadian Foods

Item No. Food GI Value
1White Bread72
4English Muffin (white)61
5High Fibre ('Fibread')61
6Hamburger Bun (white)62
7High Fibre Crispbread60
8High Fibre White70
9High Fibre White69
10Kaiser Rolls74
11Light Rye69
12Linseed Rye56
13Melba Toast (white)71
14Paxo Stuffing76
15Pita Bread59
16Pumpernickel Bread58
17Rye Crispbread64
18Stoneground Wholemeal Bread62
19Bagel (white)74
20White Bread71
21Pumpernickel Bread wholegrain47
22Wholemeal Rye #168
23Wholemeal Rye #257
24Wholemeal Rye #365
25Wholemeal Wheat bread69
26Wholewheat Snack Bread75
27Bran Buds (no psyllium)59
28Bran Buds with Psyllium48
29Bran Chex59
31Corn Bran76
32Corn Chex84
33Cream of Wheat67
34Cream of Wheat, Instant75
36Golden Grahams73
38Grapenuts Flakes81
39High Fibre Cornflakes75
42Oats, Instant67
43Oat Bran51
44Pro Stars73
45Puffed Wheat69
46Red River Cereal50
47Rice Chex91
48Rice Krispies84
49Shredded Wheat84
53Blueberry Muffin60
54Bran Muffin61
55Carrot Muffin63
56Oatmeal Muffin Mix70
59Couscous (Near East)62
60Couscous (Tunisian)71
61Cracked Barley51
62Pearled Barley33
63Rye Kernels34
65Wheat Kernels46
66Rice, Cajun Style51
67Rice, Garden Style56
68Rice, Long Grain & Wild55
69Rice, Mexican Fast & Fancy59
70Rice, Parboiled (long grain white)48
71Rice, Polished white64
72Rice, Saskatchewan Wild58
73Corn Chips76
75Corn, Frozen48
76Taco Shells69
77Bean Thread26
79Cheese Tortellini51
80Instant Noodles48
81Macaroni & Cheese (boxed)66
82Macaroni & Cheese (homemade)46
83Rice Vermicelli59
84Spaghetti (boiled 5min)32
85Spaghetti (boiled 15min)33
86Spaghetti (protein-enriched)27
87Star Pastina39
88French Fries (frozen)76
89Instant Mashed Potato88
90White Potato, boiled64
91White Potato, boiled & mashed74
92White Potato, canned62
93Sweet Potato60
94White Potato, baked61
95White Potato, boiled59
96White Potato, boiled & mashed74
97Chick Peas, canned43
98Chick Pea Curry, canned41
99Chick Peas, boiled31
100Green Lentils, canned53
101Green Lentils, boiled22
102Kidney Beans, canned53
103Kidney Beans, boiled43
104Lima Beans33
105Pinto Beans, canned46
106Pinto Beans, boiled39
107Red Lentils26
108Baked Beans57
109White Beans, boiled31
110Yellow Split Peas, boiled32
111Black Bean66
112Green Pea Soup, canned67
113Lentil Soup, canned45
114Split Pea Soup61
115Apple Juice42
116Apricots, canned65
117Apricots, dried33
118Banana, under ripe (green at tips)42
119Banana, ripe (all yellow)54
120Banana, over ripe (brown spots)64
121Fruit Cocktail56
122Grapefruit Juice49
124Peaches, canned53
125Pears, fresh41
126Pears, canned45
127Pineapple Juice47
128Angel Food Cake68
130Flan Cake66
131Pound Cake55
133Arrowroot Plus63
135Graham Wafers76
136Vanilla Wafers79
141Cheese Pizza61

GI values are from tests done in Toronto by Drs. David Jenkins and Thomas Wolever.


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